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Long Time No Blog

on April 20, 2017

It has been quite a while since I have stopped in. 

I had intent to stop in sooner! However, this year has flown by. Seriously how is it ALMOST May already? Last weekend I saw a commercial for NBA playoffs. I was shocked that it has started already.

Earlier this year I started with the intent to get more of my photos scrapbooked. Guess what I have hardly touched the piles of photos. Oh well.

I did write up  a list of goals for 2017 and I think I have completed 2. Supposedly this weekend is a community garage sale in which a newspaper ad will be placed in the paper, so I have decided to try to get some stuff together and get a few pennies for my crap so I am working on gathering some stuff together. I hit a dust pile that killed my allergies and figured a quick check in would be good.

I am hoping that the garage sale will have some traffic so I can get rid of some stuff. Whatever I don’t get rid of I meed to make sure that I get donated ASAP. One of the items that I want to sell is 3 photo albums I purchased at Michael’s several years ago. I am wondering if I should donate them if they don’t sell, or find 80 photos to put in there for a Christmas gift to “family”. I ask that because we have family that is somewhat crappy. Often it’s hard to do something nice for these family members when they treat you like crap.

Example: Recently it was my husbands birthday. Instead of getting a phone call from his out of state brother his brother sent a text saying Happy Birthday. Actually it wasn’t even his words it was an icon. Than few weeks later it was sibling day. My husband sent him a photo and a text and not even a peep in reply. It’s hard to want to be giving to someone that can’t even give you the time of day!

The things I ponder when I’m working on garage sale piles.

What would you do? Well off to gather more unwanted items before I get too lazy and stop. I’ll work on posting sooner than a few months!


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