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on December 1, 2016

As I am still in shock that this year is almost over… I am seriously wondering where this year went. Lets talk planners.

I have always been a paper and pen kind of gal with a planner of some sorts.

Back in the day of middle school and high school, I used the free planners that Hallmark used to give out. I found a stash of them several years ago when cleaning out a shed at my parents. Brought back memories for sure.

Later I used a personal size Franklin Planner which is now Franklin Covey. I later switched up to the classic size. I learned after a while the page a day was way too much for me.

For several years after that I floated across planners that I didn’t love and rarely finished the year with.

I tried to make the leap to digital, but that didn’t fair well either. so I went back to paper. About 8 years ago I stumbled across Erin Condren and used her planner for 5+ years. However the growing pains of the company, massive errors and other issues that continued on not to mention an issue with fraud on a credit card only used there that year left a bad taste in my mouth and I bought 1 on the secondary market to use one year and finally moved on.

Almost 3 years ago I stumbled across Inkwell Press planners. The first year I loved the size and the classic layout. The personalization on the front with my name and colors. The 2nd year the size shrank the binding was smaller diameter and no personalization. Colors weren’t as cool as the first year. I still like the planner, however growing pains. lack of ownership over errors started to ring reminiscent with that of Erin Condren. See the company released mid year (academic) planners this year for the first time and even though I didn’t purchase one, I heard of a date error in the planner that wasn’t disclosed and the company tried to ignore it. We won’t even mention the massive implosion of the company ran Facebook group. The 2017 planner FINALLY released in September and an announcement that Office Depot/Max would carry the classic planners was announced. This screwed several of the international customers that were no longer able to purchase it through the website due to it being exclusive to the stores. All while selling A5 inserts and flex planners on the website. I found one and sent it off to an international customer who desperately wanted a classic. Once people started getting them into their hands it was found that the tab on both the classic and flex planners was spelled ARRIL not APRIL. This created a group of people to contact the company and as predicted it wasn’t their fault it was correctly spelled in the files sent off to the printer and they have NO IDEA how it was changed. Really? Grow a pair and stand behind your product. You knew full well there was an error because after customers spotted it they started combing your release photos and there it was misspelled. After a month plus I heard they finally updated their webpage disclosing the error. Regardless take ownership not denial and move on. I contacted ACCO who distributes the classic to Office Depot/Max and wow their response was 100x better than the response from the Inkwell Company. Lastly they turned me off with an announcement that they were pursuing legal action against another company (whom I happen to follow) due to their planner that isn’t similar at all and because the company stole their “LiveWell” tagline. Um the name of the other company is Living Well spending less. Their all inclusive planner is all about the motto of Living Well and spending less and budgeting. Personally I feel for the owner of the LWSL company who has been in business LONGER than Inkwell and has used the LiveWell tagline for years. I have NO idea how the lawsuit is going but personally I am going for LWSL due to the time their company has been around.

I had a 2016 planner from Inkwell Press that I bought at a damaged sale to see how imperfect it was after mine arrived damaged and IWP told me I was SOL. It did arrive in better condition than my current 2016 planner. Left me boggled. Sitting around and 2017 plans racking up, in June I converted it to a 2017 planner with the use of a roller stamp, stickers and lots of labor and started logging my dates since IWP had no intention of releasing till later in the year. With sellouts that happened last year I wanted to be prepared.

Of course I like the 2016 that I converted to 2017 but the binding is smaller than I care to like and if I stuff papers in there, the planner has almost no room and the covers don’t close all the way. The issues with the company sort of bother me and don’t sit well either. That is the problem with small companies sometimes, as we are more aware with the issues as a customer.

Sometime this year I stumbled across a planner company called Anchored Press 2016 was their first year from what I can tell and they did a daily planner. For 2017 they also have a bound weekly planner. I really struggled with several things. I like my IWP and the dashboard for monthly goals and the tabs that the planner has but I find me using the planner less and less now due to the issues of the company that really should not have been so transparent. However with our family trying to grow spiritually and become better people with all the stresses in life that we face, this planner stood out. The Anchored Press daily planner was too much and the weekly planner scared me because it is bound like a hardbound book. The photos on the website are also less than stellar. People it is called ZOOM. Somehow it is super hard for some companies to get this down. But I won’t hold that against the owner for this year but I will offer a suggestion.

With Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday came sales for this little company. So I decided to go for it and order 2 planners. Of course the coupon code could be used once so I had to open 1 more account and get the 2nd order in. The planners arrived today and were packaged quite well. Upon opening the planner that will be mine (didn’t even look at the name of the acct on the box nor the gold dot on the front) I was super duper excited about the inside pages. It lists the ISBN#, The website and instagram page to follow. Many other things like the copyright pages in books have and lastly where it was printed. It was printed in China which honestly is to be expected these days sadly. However this is another sticking point with me for Inkwell Press. When asked the company is extra vague where the items have been printed. At least ACCO who handles the classic can admit that it is printed in China. 5* to Anchored press for being honest.

The how to use page is well designed and laid out since there are 2 pages to every week. 1 2-page layout for your weekly prayer and growth and 1 2-page layout for your week. While I am a classic person, I am hoping this planner will work for the planning purposes for me since it has boxes shaded for plans on the left with lines to write and a symbol on the right to make your to do’s. While there are no tabs, there is a ribbon bookmark and each month has a card stock quote and that makes the months stand out a bit more. Regardless it may not be used as much for planning as my cell phone calendar and converted IWP but it will work for the spiritual growth. One thing that I do like is the Goal Setting Page. It has a spot for 5 goals for 2017 (I try to have more) It also has a spot for 3 good works. This is nice since my husband and I want to give back more and volunteer more. This will be a good reminder.

While I completely understand that this planner isn’t for everyone, it works for us since it is a direction that were wanting to go right now. The last several years have been trying for us as a family and in 2015 we started to go to the church a bit more since support from family and even some friends just wasn’t there. My in-laws years ago claimed that we had no regard for family (WTF that meant) however when push comes to shove it is actually THEM who has NO REGARD for FAMILY. When someone goes through a hard time you don’t tell them to get their shit together or this or that. They have NEVER come to visit us with our nephews we always have to go to them. They are full of excuses but have no problem dropping stuff for their friends. Prime example years ago when I graduated from college they didn’t come to graduation 3 hours away because it was “too far” yet the weekend afterwards they were in town for a friends graduation. Um. common circles people.. That and other actions over the years have hurt. Letting go of that resentment is hard. Decade later it still bothers me and now we don’t even live in the same state. So regardless letting go should be a goal for 2017.

With that said, being that Anchored Press is a 2nd year company, it really has handled growth well. The owner credits her contributors in the back and provides a mini bio on them. Very nice and professional. Being that there are a TON of quotes and what not. It increases the odds for typos but hey the month of April is spelled correctly 😉 I also do like the feel of a hard back book and it has lay flat binding that seems to work pretty good so far. The gold and white cover I almost passed on but one commenter on Instagram said it was prettier in person than online so I decided to spring for it and it is really nice. I will have to do a follow up post once I use it.

What type of planner do you use? Do you get frustrated with companies Big or Small when they have issues and how they handle it?




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