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Cookbook Love

on July 2, 2016

I am not a huge reader now as I used to be in my teens. I swear I have ADD when it comes to reading now days and the hectic life can get in the way. Meanwhile one of my most favorite books to read and go back to are cookbooks.

If you were to come to my house and look at my books, the largest collections of books that I have are cookbooks. Honestly with the amount of books that I have you would think I am a gourmet chef or a major foodie. I am a lazy cook, but I do like have healthy quick recipes to go to. I sometimes think about cutting my collection down, but it is hard! I may not use the books every day but there are some that are go to books or some that are go to recipes.

Example: I have a cooking light cookbook that has a potato soup recipe in a book that is a go to recipe for me in the winter. There are a couple of other recipes in there that are go to recipes but mainly in the winter. I am so not a soup person in the summer time.

Today I went to the grand opening at a store and Melissa’s Produce was there and I got to try lots of new fruits and veggies they brought that honestly I never would have tried had they not shown me and sampled, but one of the perks for me was I got a cookbook as a free gift since I bought a couple of things and it is exciting. Lots of new recipes to look through and check and go back to when I interested in an item.

That is one things that I love about recipes. I love how if I have an item say potatoes. I would go on a search for potato recipes. It’s fun to do the search and sometimes can be time consuming but it makes for fun reading as well.

What books to do you like to read? Do you like searching through recipes? Meanwhile I will go search for some good 4th of July recipes. Enjoy!


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