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Planning for 2017

on June 29, 2016

Can you believe it? It is almost July. The year is flying by and before we know it school will be back in session and the holidays will be here.

I found myself already with several dates planned for 2017. I was getting tired of putting them on a sticky note as I kept wanting to keep them in order by at least month. However this was becoming harder and harder with more information coming in.

Already I have a 10k scheduled in January and a hotel reservation, 5k planned for February, A possible 5k in May, The dreaded drivers license renewal in the summer where I must appear in person 😦  and in September a 3-day getaway weekend.

This is in addition to some annual bills that comes up. In Jan/April/July/Oct I have insurance payments, April I have property tax payment, in May & June I have AAA membership renewals, Feb & July I have Costco & Sam’s renewals. I like to see these and plan in advance.

Apparently I must be one of the rare few that likes to plan in advance. I had asked a Facebook group that I am in if the company whose planner I have if anyone else would like for the planners to release earlier than October for 2017. Especially since last year they sold out in 2 hours and we had to wait another 6 weeks for stock to come in that sold out in 4 hours. Instead of people concurring that they would like to have an earlier release instead people jumped my shit. One thing I love about social media the power to attack others {not}. Apparently I am to get a July-June 2017 planner and that will solve my problems. It’s okay I can just leave the other stuff off the calendar past that time period.

Anyway I got to thinking and seeing that other companies such as Erin Condren, Plum Paper, Planners at Paper Source already have their 2017 calendars out. MAMBI had one at Michaels for 2017 already. That one concerned me as it has the plastic disc’s as the binding and I have no idea how well those hold up. I know someone who lives in CT that liked it for her OO material. So I was torn when Michael’s had a 50% coupon around Fathers Day. Than I remembered I ordered an extra planner when Inkwell had their imperfect sale in mid-January. It seemed late to release a planner but since I already had one that I barely got, I had one for 2017 so I really don’t remember what I had ordered the imperfect one for. Here it was mid June and it was sitting around unused and collecting dust. I am betting that I paid $40-50 for it including shipping.

This got me thinking. Could I repurpose this planner and turn it into a 2017 planner? So I first pulled up a 2017 planner and looked at the monthly views and what I would need to modify. I next looked at the weekly views and looked to see if the new start dates of Jan and Feb would work. It did. Next I started to look at supplies. For some reason I had 1/4″ circle dots from Avery in my stash that I could use to cover the monthly spread dates and write the new date on there. I finished that up one night. Next I was looking at the daily dates. I had a rolling date stamp that someone gave me recently. I found some mailing labels that I had on hand for holiday cards for me to use for the return address. I looked at printing something but after several hours I wasn’t able to get the size and spacing right that I liked. So back at the date stamp it was. I stamped 365 days and trimmed them out and suck them over the old dates. It isn’t perfect but works for me.

I was excited to get everything logged into the calendar that was on my handy dandy sticky notes that was losing it’s sticky. Just days after I made my 2017 calendar I was able to book a hotel for my January 10k and log the information in there. This was just after my first choice hotel sold out as it was available the day before but I wanted my husbands opinion. Oh well. See this is why I want and like to have things written down in one place.

Last week I got suckered into going to the dentist for a teeth cleaning and I already have an appointment for January of 2017. One more thing to add into it.

I don’t have an active life like some people I know. I have a friend where he and his family have season tickets to sports events those schedules are already out. But it is nice to plan things out where you can easily flip to them. I’m not fond of electronic calendars as things get missed on the electronic calendars. Where I used to work we had electronic calendars and my calendar was constantly hectic and I would print it out so I could see how my day or month would go. So while I could print out and use an electronic calendar, this makes it hard when trying to reduce paper clutter. It works for me by having a paper planner to keep all my stuff in one place.

Over the years I have tried various planners. Some are too big, some are too small, some weren’t my style based on layout. So you have to find what works and stick with it.

How do you plan and do you have stuff for 2017 planned already? Would love to hear what you have going on.



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