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Several Types of Clutter

on June 22, 2016

There are several types of clutter out there. We have our physical clutter and digital clutter and emotional clutter.

But did you know that we have clutter that affects not only our mind but our soul. Back in April I bought this book by Ruth Soukup titled Unstuffed – decluttering your home, mind and soul. I have read many other clutter books. Peter Walsh and Marie Kondo as well as some random authors. I had preordered Ruth’s book on Amazon and as part of the pre-order I was able to access some extras she was offering.

As I skimmed through the preview of the book Amazon had I decided to spring for the book. The extras she was offering seemed interesting as well. While I have yet to read this book from cover to cover, it comes across as relatable. Marie Kondo’s book seemed too stiff for me. Ton’s of people are excited about the book but some truly have taken her message overboard!  I saw people wondering how to handle things that didn’t spark joy but they needed. Ugh people use some common sense. Not everything in your life will spark joy. Underwear  may not spark joy but you either get some that does or suck it up and deal with it because you need it. Paying my car insurance bill doesn’t spark joy but I still need it.

So as I flip through this book part 3 really stuck out to me. This is the Soul section. Chapter 7 focuses on Friends, toxic friendships and fake friendships. Having dealt with toxic people in the past this has been very helpful to read. It reminds me that I am not alone in dealing with these toxic relationships. It has resonated with me. It also shows what a healthy relationship looks like. Reading this has helped me with the guilt I have felt in dealing with toxic relationships. It also shows some of the signs of toxic relationships to look out for.

I really needed to see this as a reminder that it isn’t always me and that it is healthy for me to get out of those toxic relationships.

If you are looking for a relatable book on decluttering your life please take a peek at this book it is relatable. It isn’t judgmental like some books I have read.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


**Note I have not been compensated for  this post by the author in any way. I have never read any of her books prior to this one. This book caught my attention and I spent my own money on this book and ordered off of Amazon.**




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