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Importance of Health Fairs

on June 11, 2016

This weekend the local hospital will be having their annual health fair. Somehow I missed last years and was sad about it. Do you understand the importance of doing a check up?

Health fairs are an important aspect of our health and well being. A few years back I went to a Sams Club health fair and they did an allergy screening. At this screening I was shocked to find out that I had a sensitivity to Wheat. I’ve been eating it all my life, I didn’t have any symptoms that made me know I had an allergy. I had also tested sensitive to ragweed, that was an allergy to which I had a reaction to. While it was not a high level of sensitivity for either, it was something to be aware of.

By doing regular screening my husband was able to save $25 a month on his HSA account. Had we not been doing that he would not have qualified. It is a form of being PRO active instead of RE active. That is so important. It costs less in almost every aspect of our lives to prevent something before it becomes a big problem. When we take our cars in for an oil change they give it a look over and tell us of possible issues. Well quick basic blood test from a health fair can do the same thing.

So please remember that a quick check of your glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure can be very helpful in determing that there may possibly be something else you need to research and have going on.

So when was the last time you went to get some quick basic tests done? It is exciting that you might be able to qualify for some sort of incentive from your health insurance provider. Ours which is Cigna is offering a $100 gift card by completing tasks to be implementing and already doing healthy tasks.



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