Travelling Through Life…making changes as I go

Uncompleted Drafts

on June 9, 2016

Life has been hectic the last few weeks. I have started several posts and saved them as drafts with the hopes of going back for more refining later.
However I never did. I am disappointed in myself thinking about it, but I will get back to them later for posting.

How many of us write out a to do list or even keep a running list in our head but don’t get everything done. Yes that is how life has been lately. My to do list doesn’t get done. I don’t want to forget something so I will jot it down or even start a rough outline of a post I want to type up so I can go back later. I may go back and still have a story; or I may go back and realize I have no idea what I meant to write or have changed my mind. Sort of like when I scribble notes down so fast I can’t even read my own handwriting!! Yes that happens to me.

So how do you keep up with all the tasks when life gets busy and things come up? So do you have tasks or intentions that don’t get done?

Love to hear!




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