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Unsolicited Advice

on May 12, 2016

Do you hate it when you make a comment and someone offers you unsolicited advice instead? 

There are times when I am open to unsolicited advice and other times when I am so irritated by it. Sadly today is one of those days.

I made a comment to a couple of people that knew my washer has been broken and that the part to repair it has arrived. So soon I should have a working washer. Well the peanut gallery of strangers piped in and NOT KNOWING ANYTHING about my washer, what is wrong with my washer and why it broke in the first place. The peanut gallery decided to pipe in and tell me that I needed to get a top loader because they don’t have mold issues.

So now this person who doesn’t know me, has never spoken to me assumes they know what type of washer I own and what is wrong with it. So they didn’t like my sarcastic response that I am not looking to buy a new washer but if you’re willing to donate $$ I will accept it for you to replace my washer. As expected that didn’t go over well and they said it was just a suggestion. Well your response of “BUY A TOP LOADER YOU WON’T HAVE MOLD ISSUES” sure didn’t sound like a suggestion to me. Sadly these days with technology people assume they know you and feel that it is appropriate to tell you what to do and how to live your life. As keyboard warriors they have no problem standing behind their fake profile photo and giving you their 2 cents.

Often we are able to let it roll off our backs, but other times we are human and are unable to let it roll off our backs and just can’t accept it and be quiet. People assume they know us but more often than not when you assume that statement is true you make an ASS out of U and ME. ASSUME.

In this particular case the person ASSUMED I have a front loader when it was never specified. They had a 50/50 shot and were correct in this case. Yes I do have a front loader. They assumed that I should have a top loader because of mold issues. Well 17 years and not once have I EVER had an issue with my Front Loading washer smelling or having a mold issue. Um maybe you all who do have mold issues or have read about it and have never tried a front loader should be prudent to eliminating the issues in the first place. It is called leaving the door open. So now people know that I have a 17 year old front loading washer that never once had a mold issue.

I have learned that opinions on washers are quite that of politics you are either a Democrat or a Republican. You can’t be a hybrid of both you have to pick a side. It is apparent that with washers you’re either a top loader or a front loader and you have to pick a side and whatever side you are on is the best. So I am on team Front Load right now as for 17 years my 1999 model Front Load Washer has been just fine. I have made my $$ worth on it over time!

So people just remember sometimes unsolicited “advice” isn’t needed. We don’t always need or want your unsolicited “advice” so unless we ask, keep it to yourself.

So, I’m not asking you about a washer. I am asking you about how you feel when you get unsolicited advice from a stranger? Shoot we even get it from family and it isn’t fun.

Love to hear your thoughts.


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