Travelling Through Life…making changes as I go

Making Changes

on May 8, 2016

In recent days I’ve seen people I know online have the same plan that I have. 

It seems that we’re tired of having fake “friends” in life. We would rather have no friends in life or a few quality friends than fake ones. I know I have decided this.

A cousin of mine has been sick and made had posted an update than later she posted something and one of her friends had mentioned how she had gone through a difficult time a while back and was shocked to realize who her friends where and who were fake. She took that as a learning opportunity.

Yesterday I was at an event and spoke with someone and the topic came up again and the lady I was speaking with said it must be in the air as this has been a hot topic lately.  So it appears that many of us are taking reflection in our busy lives and realizing  we don’t need to wast time on fake friends and focus on what is important and who is important.

For a while I had struggled with it. There is this one person Erin whom I met and we had a lot in common with. She would always want to meet and get together but never follow through and yet she would call me a friend. It was hard for me till I took some time and reflection and realized she truly isn’t a friend. As we all know ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. I came to terms with this and was able to let it go. I am no linger being manipulated by her ways either.

See recently I won a pass to attend a 3 day scrapbooking crop worth $160 I never thought that I would win. I am not one that is into attending crops and my interests have evolved and changed over the years. In reality I still treasure photos but not the scrapbooking part. My desire is to get my physical photos into albums and sell off the supplies that are left over and move on. This will allow me to focus on what I do care about!

Regardless, as a winner I was able to invite others at a discount. Knowing that Erin LOVES to attend crops I emailed her and 2 others with the info and of course Erin was the only one that responded. She said she was attending and can’t wait. Than she wanted to sit next to me. 2 days later I had to leave town. Upon my return I had texted her with a couple of questions regarding the crop since I didn’t have emails. No response. Several days later and 1 more text still no response. Yep this is the norm for Erin. So than I contacted the company to find out if she indeed did ask to sit next to me. I was told yes.

Personally it bothered me that she was so EAGER to sit next to me. Why? For over a year she could never meet up only invite me to her events such as a 31 party. Back in March she even reached out to me and texted me saying she wanted to get together. She was available most days. To my surprise she reached out so I responded gave her several dates than never heard back. Yep this is what I know and expect. No response. But why reach out?

So in the end I have no feelings of expectations from Erin, I know she is not a friend nor will she ever be one. Her actions over the last 2 years speak volumes to me. I no longer take it personally. Truly I could care less. So this is why I have decided to move on and let go. In part of my letting go and getting closure I have decided that It is great to not surround with the fakeness of fake people. Which is why I decided not to sit next to her.

Another thing that bothered me was after she said she was attending the event and wanted to sit next to me, she decided to send out an email saying she was looking for people to sit with at the event. Was she looking for something better? Regardless she asked who of her friends were attending and wanted to sit next to her. What was she looking for a better offer. Whatever fine so go sit next to those friends.

In the past I would have felt guilty for hurting someone else’s feelings so Instead I would be miserable on making someone else happy or to not rock the boat. You know life is too short and not worth it.

So take this fake friends people are onto you and we are tired of it and we are making changes! We have an awareness now and are taking control and moving you out. For some of us you may have been masked as a real friend but now we are onto you. When times got hard you were not there. There were times when you were pretending and we saw through it. It feels liberating that we are onto you and taking a stand!

So do you have fake people in your life? What have you done about it?




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