Travelling Through Life…making changes as I go

Changing Interests

on March 30, 2016

I have a friend that wants to sit next to me at a scrapbooking crop. I have mentioned to her in the past that I don’t do crops. I am doing this one as the price was right.

However it still leaves me with the same feeling. I don’t like doing crops. They just aren’t my thing. I have changing interests. We all evolve and change over time. Sometimes our passions increase for a certain hobby or decrease.

Personally for me the scrapbooking hobby is a decrease in interest. I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on merchandise. Albums, pages, adhesive, classes, kits. You name it $ has been spent on it.

A few years ago I thought hey, I’d like to maybe start up some sort of scrapbook business. But over time I have evolved. It isn’t something I get excited about doing. It isn’t something I enjoy even looking at product now.

So what does interest me? That is sort of where I am stuck.

I don’t sew, actually don’t do well at it never took a class and need a better machine. But I really love all of the fabrics out there. I love looking at them… and buying them. Bad I know. ┬áBut I would love to do something with the fabric that I have purchased.

I don’t crochet. I don’t think I ever took a class and I would love to take a class. I would love to make things such as afghans. I love the idea of being able to take it with me on the go and all I need is a crochet hook and yarn. I don’t need adhesive, page protectors, papers, pens, scissors, embellishments and what not. You get the story.

I don’t run. But I enjoy doing 5k’s. I would love to turn some of the ones that I want to do into a mini vacation. There is the Run Disney ones that make it a weekend of fun. I think that would be great to go to those events. It is a memory making one.

I don’t live near the beach but I follow someone on Instagram who lives near the beach. She used to work at a wine tasting room that I visited several years ago. Christine spends many of her free time at the beach and looking for sea glass. This has me intrigued. Some of the sea glass she finds is gorgeous! I was ecstatic when I found a tiny 1/2 of a sand dollar at the beach several years ago and finding sea glass is now on the bucket list. I would love to ask Christine what she does with all of her sea glass.

I am becoming more healthy I would love to take a yoga class, Pilates class, cooking class. These are all hobbies where I can learn more and have less clutter.

I would hate to think of the countless hours that I have spent moving the scrapbooking crap around. Moving it into and out of boxes, into and out of new and improved storage systems. Organizing and buying more. But I have to be honest, it doesn’t bring me joy.

What does bring me joy is to once and for all be done with it. Once and for all move on and if I DO choose to scrapbook in the future, I can than do it digital. That speaks to me. Quick, easy and clutter free. Seriously that is what speaks to me.

I have been feeling this way for a while and so I know it is time to move on. This isn’t a phase. This is me changing and evolving. Me knowing why I’m not one that likes to go to crops. Me ready to move onto my next interest. Me ready to start to let go.

It is too big for me to turn into a bite size goal right now, but it is a goal to complete what I can and move on and let go. I need to work on the plan.


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