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Spring Holidays

on March 27, 2016

For what ever reason Easter has been one of my favorite holidays. I think some of it is in part to the fact that my parents had a small assortment of pictures of me at different ages being dressed up, holding Easter eggs or holding my basket. 

I think I look back at those photos with fondness. I have always loved the rich history that photos can hold. Especially many that I have inherited.

Last year when cleaning out a small shed at my parents house I found a Easter basket that was in the photos. I than found a smaller version of the basket. They are nothing fancy. They are both wicker in a brown color. Not ANYTHING of the baskets you see today. They are not perfect they are not in spectacular shape. But they are precious to me.

I cleaned them up, brought them back in my suitcase and have placed them on top of my hall tree that you see when you come in. Not everyone my see them, look up there but I see them and know they are there. A small piece of my childhood with fond memories is now useful instead of being in a shed getting tossed around and neglected.

I eventually want to scan and enlarge the photos from those Easters and hang them in the house at Easter time along with those that we have of my husband from that time. Sometimes we focus too much on our kids that we need to focus on those memories that bring us back to being a kid.

I did the same thing with some old Christmas Santa photos and it is so fun to see.

What holiday or time of year is your favorite? What do you like? Do you display those memories?

Happy Easter!


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