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Family Reunion

on March 23, 2016

One side of my family is planning a reunion this summer. However for some reason I am not overly excited about it.

Last summer the same reunion was planned and I was excited about attending. However it was cancelled last minute due to lack of hotel availability and one of my uncles not attending as he and his family had made previous plans for a family vacation to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

First off how my uncle has been married for 50 years is beyond me. Sadly it seems as if it was yesterday when my grandparents celebrated their 60th a few months before my grandfather died. I remember that weekend visit vividly. All of my aunts and uncles and parent were in attendance and several cousins as not all could attend. It gets harder as we have our own lives, families and kids. It was Memorial Day weekend and the premier of the movie Pearl Harbor. I remember that as several of us went to the movies. This girl was EXCITED to go to the movies and pay less than $10 for a ticket which was the going rate where I lived. Let alone seeing a first run movie on premier weekend for 2 people under $10. My college student discount was accepted and used. Shoot the cashier asked me if I was in school. Oh the sweet memories.

It was hard losing my grandfather, I never knew the other one as the other grandfather died when my other parent was just a teen.

Regardless it was really sad when the reunion last year got cancelled. I was bummed. However this year I don’t have much excitement. I am not eager to see many of the relatives as I was last year and I am not sure as to why. Nothing has changed. The family dynamics are still the same. So somehow I guess I have changed.

I guess part of me is irritated that my aunts 2nd husband that I used to be Facebook friends with who almost died a few years back and was forced to retire. I have never met this man in person and we seemed to be friendly on line. Suddenly he disappeared. However I noticed that my cousin who was attempting to sell her house would say thanks Freddad the name she calls her step dad. So after a while I got curious. Popped onto my husbands Facebook and poof there he was. It irritates me that I never said or did anything to this man to deserve to be blocked. His wife/my aunt hasn’t blocked me. I found that so bizarre. My parent has yet to meet this uncle in person and have talked. My parent seems to really like this guy especially over her first husband who the consensus is that he was an a$$. However I warned my parent that this person isn’t the same side as you in politics and that despite you liking this person in what you have heard and know by talking with them briefly you may get the cold shoulder as I apparently did. I think telling my parent how I found out last year that this person blocked me on Facebook with no known reason is something that really bothers me.

Maybe this is the root cause in my lack of desire to attend. Because if your so called family can’t even support or care about you than who can you trust.

For whatever reason I have to decide if I want to attend and determine if this is something I want to do. I would like to see the parent, however I have to figure if I want to see the aunts and uncles.

Would it bother you if you had a family member whom you have never met but have always been nice to on social media suddenly block you?


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