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Fun Outing with the Pup

on March 17, 2016

Recently Bass Pro Shops had their Dog Days event. It was a great opportunity to take the dog out for some fun.

Bass Pro was offering Free photos with your dog, or you could do one of just the dog. They had an obstacle course set up that the dogs could play on. Staff was on hand to answer questions as well as clean up messes. They even had a couple of water bowls out.

I knew that they were dog friendly when I came across their Facebook page and found that owners were posting photos of their dog and even a cat in store. I had been to Bass Pro a few times before but never noticed their Pets Welcome sign as you go in.

They had a couple of kiosks set up with assorted pet items and treats that they even sell year round. I found that in addition to these kiosks they also have 2.5 aisles in the store plus 2 end caps of pet merchandise. I even found an exact replica of my dogs collar sold in a set with a leash for 1/2 of what I had paid for the collar alone at Petsmart 4 years ago.

I will be honest, the Petsmart locations that I frequent in my area which is 3-4 of them and ¬†they have really gone down in quality of activities they offer for pets. Several years ago they used to do a fun Halloween event and pet photos with Santa and now they don’t even offer anything. I think last year or the year before Petsmart had a cardboard backer you could take photos against yourself.

In comparison to my experiences with Petsmart where they seems to be cutting back on the fun things pet owners can do it was nice to see that Bass Pro and other places have activities. An associate at Bass Pro indicated that they do this every year and the associate used to work for Petsmart and she said that seeing pets come to Bass Pro is her favorite part of the job and as chaotic as the Dog Days events can be most of the staff looks forward to it.

I was impressed with the free photo that we received. It was put into a professional photo envelope with the Dog Days weekend. The photographer was quite nice to all of the dogs coming through and was prepared with a squeaker toy to get attention.

I would give Bass Pro 5 stars for my experience I had at their Dog Days event. The event was set up well and handled well by Employees and volunteers that managed the tables at the fair. They had treats set up to keep the pups happy. I even witnessed a Bass Pro staff member bring over a metal folding chair for a man that had a cain and difficulty walking. The company seems to instill values and caring for their customers.

I have witnessed the friendly staff other times I have been in the store. I am impressed that they have ample staff on the floor and at the registers. I have never had to search high and low for an employee.

I look forward to additional outings with the pup to Bass Pro. I can’t wait for their next Dog Days event next year. Meanwhile I will plan on finding some times to go before my annual Halloween trek.

My only complaint is that Bass Pro is on the opposite side of town so it takes 45+ minutes to get there but it is well worth it.

DISCLAIMER ** This review is based on my personal experience at Bass Pro. I have not been paid in any way to provide a review for Bass Pro. I have not been promised anything by doing a review on my experience at Bass Pro. I am a satisfied customer.***


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