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Letter Writing

on March 14, 2016


I have always been a fan of sending and receiving letters. It was something my mom taught me early on as a child.

In recent years I’ve had a harder time writing the letters. I put it on my to-do list or I have it on my mental check list and I forget about it. Sometimes it is easier to pick up the phone or send a quick email.  However I was going through some boxes of childhood memories last summer and came across letters and cards I received from family and friends.

I truly treasure those cards and letters more now than ever before. Some are from relatives that are no longer here. Others are still here but it is interesting to read about what was going on during that time. One was from a friend of mine right around the time she had her second baby.

These days emails can be deleted so quickly, get lost in the shuffle. So for 2016 I made a conscious effort to write letters more often. There is something special about a handwritten note.

So who am I writing these notes to? A family member that lives far away. A childhood best friend. A local friend who helped with something. A contact at the doctors office that went above and beyond. A committee member who has been working extra hard. A friend I see all the time, however I likely haven’t told her how much she is appreciated. Our friend whom we adopted 2 kitties from. My friend who happens to work for a dealership who has asked his coworkers questions.

You get the point. I’m all over the place in terms of recipients.

Far too many times we want to do something but life gets in the way and the next thing you know months have passed by. Well for me at least.

A couple of years ago I thought about reaching out to an ex-boyfriend. We remained friends FAR longer than we ever dated. He will always hold a special place in my heart. I had been going through a rough time 4&5 years ago when we last spoke. I had always thought when I am less stressed I will reach out. He was always in the back of my mind. I was truly overwhelmed at that point. A little over 2 years ago I found out that he had died unexpectedly. That was a wake up call. Don’t do things that you will later regret. I am doing better with it but I truly regretted not calling him back or responding to an email when he had reached out to me about 4 years ago. I had 3 really rough years in a row and honestly it took every effort to keep it together to go to work 5 days a week. Weekends were not my best times either. 2 days were not enough.

So I’ve made a more conscious effort to write letters.

For Valentines Day I sent Valentines to my nephews.

I found out that a 2nd cousin of mine her uncle died so I sent her a letter with my condolences it was far better than an email

My Brother-in-law was in town a few weeks ago and we met for dinner. He even picked up the tab so I sent a letter of appreciation last week.

My 2nd cousin even sent me a letter back. In a day and age where 99.9% of the mail is bills or something that isn’t fun. It was exciting to receive a letter. It brought back some of the joy I had as a kid receiving mail. It was more exciting than the packages I sometimes am waiting for! I know I still value the handwritten note.

Regardless my goal more than anything, is that I bring the recipient who reads my note some joy. Let them know that they matter, they make a difference. That I care.

Who doesn’t love a pick-me-up like that, right? It is far more rewarding than that bill that is sitting there in the same box.

There are a ton of places to buy note cards. I could make them, but I don’t want that weight of having to make them. I prefer to spend the time I have to write inside the card. It  matters more than how I might make a card. I have fellow crafting friends that do so many handmade cards but I’m not as motivated or creative. So I opt for store bought cards. I seem to always have them on hand. I am always picking up a pack despite having so many at home! I have bought big boxes of 50 Thank You’s at Target that were somewhat girly.  A few years ago I found some cute ones at Kohls on sale. I have bought some on clearance at Hallmark, Homegoods/TJ Max and Michaels.

My mom has always been a letter writer and would send cards. Before my grandma’s died I would always write letters and send cards. They were never computer/email people. I sort of dropped off with my consistency as life became busy and more and more overwhelming. But deep down these are roots that my mom has instilled in me. I plan on continuing as it is something that brings me joy to send and receive.

Do you write letters if so why? If not why? I would love to hear.




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