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The Need of How to Videos

on March 9, 2016

How often do you search the net for how to videos? Do you find them useful? Can you imagine life before these videos?

A while back my car started to have the windshield wipers go off randomly when driving or pretty much whenever I turned on the car for the day. It was getting annoying and as time passed even more annoying. The sound of windshield wipers scraping across the glass became the noise of fingernails on a chalkboard! I hated it.

My husband started to research a bit and through internet searches and youtube videos, he found that it should be an easy quick fix. A few months passed and nothing got done and I got more annoyed. My husband gave me the excuse of not knowing which part # it is. I mentioned it to a friend who lives out of state who happens to work for a dealership that is the same brand as my car. Told him we were not certain of the part # since my make and model had 2 listed. He asked someone in parts who knew exactly what it was. Apparently the dealers know that this happens often and it is not a recall item but they say it happens often. It is called Phantom Wipers. He gave me the part number and I went searching for it. ┬áIt retails for $160 and I certainly didn’t want to spend that much. I found it on Amazon for $84. That price worked for me.

My husband finally inserted the part on Saturday after searching on the net and watching multiple videos. With success it was completed and it saved us the expense of having to go to the dealership or other repair place.

Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve used such videos to help us with repairs. However it makes me think. Before the convenience of videos we had to either figure it out ourselves, ask others, pay someone or use repair books. I remember growing up my parents had a couple of home repair books. While they’re probably still relevant since some items are the same now as they were decades ago. Sometimes those step by step drawings or photos aren’t the same as seeing someone do it or having them explain the hardships they came across. So you learn from their hardships.

Have you thought about how these videos are great to have as a resource? Have the videos saved you time or money with things?


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