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Customer Service….or lack there of

on March 7, 2016

It seems there is a lack of customer service these days. Employees want to work and earn top dollar but don’t want to WORK for it.

On Friday I went to Sur la table to pick up an item I had placed on hold 2 days earlier. I called to ensure that they had the item in stock because it was on clearance. According to their website it was limited quantity on hand at the store, so I didn’t want to waste my time driving across town and it not be there. The associate said it was the last one and gladly put it on hold.

I arrive on Friday to pick up the item and the associate didn’t acknowledge me. That is fine. I tell her I have an item on hold that I am picking up. She asks for my name and I give it to her. She looks on the floor inside the cashier area with little to no effort and says she can’t find it. She asks what it is and I described it to her. Pointed to one almost exactly like it hanging above the register area. So now she is staring at the ceiling. I tell her I doubt that it will be hanging since the associate I spoke with indicated that it was the last one because it is on clearance and that she had stated that she had set it aside. Than the associate asked me if I knew where it was. I don’t work for Sur la table.

I have no idea where you put items that are on hold. I was getting annoyed that the associate wasn’t looking for the item with more effort. I don’t think she even moved 12 inches inside the rectangle of the cashier area. How can you look for an item on hold but not even look. Than suddenly she found it by turning around and there it was on a counter inside the cashier area with my name on it. It was plain as day in front of her when I saw it sitting on the counter when I moved to a different area of the register.

At the time I was the only customer in the store. I have been in there before and have received amazing customer service so it was shocking to find an associate that seemed put out that I was looking for something and expected me to know where it was.

There is no way I would ever pay retail for the item, however since it was on clearance it was at an acceptable price point. However this is a company that is known for customer service, it is part of the reason you’re paying more for an item.

Sadly this will go on my list with my horrific Nordstrom experience where I left never wanting to step foot inside a Nordstrom’s ever again. I have heard people comment how exceptional they are for customer service, I even knew someone through a friend who worked there and talked about how she would go above and beyond for customers. However I have to admit that I have never had great/exceptional service from them and my  2nd to last visit was horrifying.

I find it sad that people work in customer service that really shouldn’t be in customer service. People expect to get paid more at jobs but they sadly don’t seem to want to actually work for the money. Instead they assume that some how it should be handed to them. Frustrating and I don’t get it.

How do you handle poor customer service? We pay for it or the lack there of.



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