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Photo Contest Dream…and loss

on February 22, 2016

About a year ago Becky Higgins LLC had a  contest for her followers to win a visit where she would assist you in getting control of your photographs. A photo rescue. I took pictures of my massive collections of photos. 

I had 5 Cropper Hopper photo boxes filled with photos. A cardboard box of photos, a large drawer of photos, and 3+ drawers of memorabilia.  I also had boxes of photos I had inherited and a file box and crate of memorabilia that tied into family history.

I sent the photos off for my submission and weeks later learned that I didn’t win.

I will be honest, I was disappointed. I mean who doesn’t want to win something. I thought this would be perfect, someone to help me get through my photos once and for all. When the winner was announced and the photo clutter that this person had was posted. Both a friend of mine and I felt that it was rigged. I mean seriously the lady had hardly any photo clutter compared to some of the other submissions. Since people were posting their submissions with the # that was part of the contest. Myself and many others saw people who had worse photo clutter and greater needs to get their stuff under control.

I took this as an opportunity to finally focus on my big picture. I realized no one was going to help me so I needed to determine what was holding me back. I realized I needed to think about what I wanted to do.

I asked myself the following questions:

What is holding me back

What is my goal

What steps can I take to achieve that goal

With the question What is holding me back, I was constantly caught up on the fact that my photos were out of order. They were not consolidated into one place. I used that as an excuse to not start because I knew that events were split up and in different photo boxes.

With the question what is my goal it was to get photos into albums. It was no longer about scrapbooking them in the traditional form but instead getting them into photo pockets and journaling what I felt I wanted and needed for those photos. I can say that several years ago I bought several photo albums from Aaron Brothers that had 2 4×6’s on a page and space to write in the margin. I bought 6 or 8 of these albums thinking that I would slip my photos into the pockets. However, I realized that this was unrealistic as I would need a TON of those albums to get my photos put away. Even if I purged a ton of photos, I would still need a lot of albums. I tried this with photos I had inherited and once I started I realized that this was not a realistic route for either project. I have since sold off the albums for the other project on eBay and am working on doing the same with these albums.

This leads me to my last question I asked, What steps can I take to achieve this goal. Through my own trial and error I learned what would and wouldn’t work for me. I learned that I have enough photos to fill a ton of 12×12 albums that I don’t need 100+ smaller albums trying to achieve the goal. I needed something that will fit the memorabilia as well as the photos. Part of my problem and why I was choosing smaller albums was because I didn’t have the shelf capacity to hold 12×12’s.

My overall goal in life despite how it looks at this point is that I need to get rid of clutter. Not just my scrapbooking and photo related clutter. So having 100+ smaller albums holding photos wouldn’t work for me. So a few years back I decided to buy 12×12 albums while they were on sale at Michaels. I was able to stock up on WRMK albums in the same colors.  I am so glad I did as for whatever reason the WRMK albums are no longer sold in retail stores locally. I also decided that I wanted the Ikea Kallax shelving to hold the albums.

So I started my organizational journey of consolidating all of my photos into one place (excluding the inherited ones as that is a separate project). It felt refreshing to do this. I realized I didn’t need Becky Higgins or her project. Than she started posting about the winner and the journey that she was taking with her. I’ll be honest, I realized that not only did I not need her, I am glad that I didn’t win. It was great to know I can do this on my own. That the way that she was going about the project really wasn’t what I needed and it wasn’t going to help me.

Sometimes we dream that we will find/win the perfect cure but you later realize it was a blessing in disguise. I was also finally able to take the steps to turn my photo dreams into a reality.

What are your goals and dreams to get a project done? Did you wish for someone to assist you with it and realized in the end that you are the one to get it done.



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