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Photo Organization Update

on February 19, 2016

Back in January I started my photo organization project of gathering all of my photos into one centralized location.

This will allow me to better sort my photos and know what I have. I currently have 3 levels of my Ikea Raskog cart filled with 4×6 photos. I also have a small tray of photos that doesn’t fit onto the Raskog. I also have a box of larger photos and miscellaneous items that interest me in being scrapbooked.

Today I started pulling off the photos that are on the Raskog and sorting them better together. When I originally put the photos on the cart my goal was to go through a stack of photos that were in an envelope and tag them by the event and date that were in the envelope. So if I had Christmas and Thanksgiving on the same roll I’d have 2 labels one for Christmas and one for Thanksgiving. But if I had Christmas on 2 rolls they didn’t get sorted together because they were in 2 separate envelopes from being developed (yes these are from my 35mm film days) So tonight I started the task of grouping like events together. That Family reunion back in 2001 that was on 2 rolls. My husbands business trip to Florida where I got to entertain myself during the day is on 4 rolls. The summer in 2000 where I don’t recall how many rolls but I separated out the trip to the city for the baseball game, husbands company meeting, vacation back home to my family, my birthday.

I had so many stacks on the desk that I started to get overwhelmed and decided to take a break and get back to it another day. I concluded that I need a bit more desk space so I can have multiple stacks going.

Organizing digital pictures is so much easier 😉 I love how the dates are part of the files as some of the photos don’t have dates on the back so I have NO clue as to when these photos were taken. It won’t be exact but I will do the best guestimate that I can.

Once I have the photos organized as best as I can according to event/date I will start working on getting them into scrapbooking page protectors. I so hope that this project will be completed by the end of 2016.

I am so glad that I am finally taking baby steps to get this project going.

What photo projects have you put off that you wish you hadn’t?



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