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Photo Gifts

on February 16, 2016

I love to give photos as gifts. I hardly ever do but it is something I dream to do more often. 

Partially I hardly ever do because I never seem to plan ahead. In 2015 I FINALLY remembered to work on a photo gift goal and get it done.

Every so often I get free or discount coupons for Shutterfly or Snapfish. I had inherited a bunch of photos from a family member and brought them home earlier in the summer. I had been able to sort through a bunch of them and found several photos of another family member that I thought might like something. This person is male so it is hard to know what to get. I received a coupon for Shutterfly calendar discounted. I hoped that he didn’t purchase a calendar yet. I was able to scan in assorted photos ranging from 1950 to I think 2000’s. About 50 years worth of assorted photos.

However in this digital age it sort of sucks when you have to plan and prepare for these projects. I gathered the photos, scanned them in uploaded them than worked on cropping and tweaking the photos. Once that was completed I uploaded them to Shutterfly. By any means projects with older photos becomes time consuming! It took most of the day to do all of the steps for the project. It was great when I got them all loaded to Shutterfly and added what I wanted for the calendar such as special dates, captions for the photos etc.

Once the calendar was done I took a break than proofed it before ordering. The great plus to this order is that I can ship directly to the recipient. This saved me money from shipping it to me and reviewing it in person and than turning around and shipping to the recipient. The preview/proof button on the computer was sufficient for me.

In about 2 weeks they had their gift and he seemed to enjoy it.

Another photo gift I did was a photo mug. I was in a study group with about 5 other couples. The people who were hosting the study group in their home had a blog. It was nice because I picked about 8-10 photos from their blog and uploaded them to Shutterfly where I uploaded them into a mug design that I liked. I also added the family name and the theme of their blog tied in perfectly to the mug Live, Laugh, Love. That project took me about 45 minutes max to complete because all I had to do was download the photos from her site, upload to Shutterfly.  Once the album was created all I had to do was start the project.

About 10 years ago I did a photo book for my girlfriend. It was great because she had emailed me a story about his birth as he was 1 month premature and photos of the first 6+ months that she was sharing from her Kodak Photo site that I was able to import into Snapfish at the time. I used all of those photos and a few of my own and her story of how he came to the world 4 weeks early and gave her a photo book that brought her to tears. It was a great hostess gift for a free dinner when we were in town as well.

Companies such as Snapfish and Shutterfly make perfect opportunities to create inexpensive personalized gifts. What you need to do us focus on keeping photos uploaded so you’re not cramming them all in at the last minute to do a project. That is where I tend to fail. I need to get better at uploading photos faster than my current method!

What do you do as gifts? Do you ever give personalized photo gifts?


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