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Organizing Photos

on February 12, 2016

For years I have dreamed of getting my photos organized and into scrapbooks. However whatever I did never seemed to work.

Part of my problem is that my photos were in 4+ plastic Cropper Hopper photo boxes I purchased back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. However I had even more photos that didn’t even work their way into those boxes because they were full. I also had photos inside some drawers and original packaging that were from Snapfish, Shutterfly and other places. It seems as if they weren’t even near each other.

I used this to be my excuse to not scrapbook. In someways it’s hard to pick up a random stack and start. Do I have more around this time frame. Do I have more of this subject? I remember having this or that. So I never did anything.

As a goal for 2015 which nothing ever got done I made a mental goal to get some stuff done. So again it appeared for 2016. So I have been working at gathering all of the photos together into one place. Back in January I emptied all the stuff collecting on my Raskog and slowly started pulling out photos from their places one by one. Eventually I filled up 2 of the 3 shelves of my raskog with photos that are semi sorted.

I have been using a 1″x2″ sticky note pad and have cut each sheet into 3rds so I have sticky on 3 strips. Essentially making my own flags. Sticking them to the back of the stack and writing what the photos before it are. Once I have all of the photos gathered and the raskog is filled I hope to be done with all the photos that are loose around the house. Seriously if I have more photos than a 3 tier raskog cart that will be concerning on another level. I have some photos that I’m not even working on gathering I am focusing on photos from 1995-present.

I still have photos prior to 1995 that I want to work on in addition to photos that I inherited from family members and even briefly¬†almost 3 years ago started scrapbooking them that range from the 1920’s to 2000’s that I will focus on later.

I feel that I am nearing the end of this photo gathering project. Once I get them all together and onto the raskog I will have to access if I want to than spend more time sorting the photos closer together by date, theme and what not. I will have a better feel for it when I get a shot of what I have.

I’d LOVE to take a picture of this and post however my craft room has no overhead lighting and the worse lamp ever that makes it hard to see at night. Someday I will fix that. Additionally I need to create a reminder to take a photo during the day.

I’d love to hear if you have photos that have been neglected and what your plan is to get them organized and scrapped once and for all. It is great to have the feeling of making progress! Baby steps are better than none at all.


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