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Crafting Goals

on February 10, 2016

In theory I am a Crafter. In reality I am not a crafter. I am one who collects supplies and envisions completing projects. 

I am tired of looking at the piles of crafting goods which feels like overwhelming crap and not completing projects for whatever reason.

One issue I have is that my photos are all over the place and not organized by dates and consolidated.

One issue that I have is that all of my memorabilia that goes with my photos are also all over and not in one place.

These 2 main excuses have slowed me down. So I have started a project to consolidate most of my photos into one place which is onto my Ikea Raskog. It is slightly difficult as memory is failing me and I’m not remembering most dates of when photos were taken so there is a guessing game. However I am almost done getting most of the photos from the mid 1990’s to present into one location. I have several more stacks that I need to sort and label the best that I can.

Once they are sorted and labeled I will go back through and sort them better according to date or approximate dates as best as I can.

Once I have the photos in order, I will start going through and actually scrapbooking them and placing them into photo pockets.

This will be harder to do with the memorabilia since it isn’t nearly as contained and organized. I wish that I had always set it aside when I had something that I wanted to keep and savor.

This is an ongoing process however I really want to end the excuses and start with the goals for my crafting projects. It will be nice to actually go forward and get this out of the way and get some other projects I envision doing into another actual project. I dream of moving to digital scrapbooking and to sew more and take a crochet class.

What are your crafting goals? What projects do you dream of starting?



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