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People Who Annoy Me

on February 5, 2016

For 2016 I am trying to get better at letting go of things that annoy me. However there is one category that I am struggling with.

People. Fake people.

A few weeks ago I was invited to a persons “party” you know those parties. The parties where people expect you to spend money. This type of gathering bothers me on a whole other level.

However what bothers me about this particular experience is that the person who we will call Karen has talked about getting together. Somehow in a text discussion before this event I let the cat out of the bag that I was irritated that Karen kept wanting to get together but never following through. She claimed that it was because she thought I didn’t want to. Whatever. However it also bothered me that she kept inviting me to events where there was an expectation of getting together and spend $$. On crap I don’t want nor do I need.

It was Karen who had suggested for over a year that she wanted to get together but of course her damn reply button was broken when it came to providing a date or time. But of course her invite button wasn’t broken throughout the year. If I would bring it up Karen would say oh I need to check my calendar. Of course I have concluded that Karen obviously doesn’t want to get together. But if that is the case than why do you keep inviting me to your shit?

So I went to Karens recent event to toss out an olive branch and see if she was going to follow through on actually getting together. So at her event I heard her talk with people saying she was going to see them the next day and planned another event with someone. I’m not blind or deaf. So when I leave I ask Karen if she wants to plan something. Instead I get a long winded story of how she can’t plan anything. Whatever. In all honestly I had no expectations of planning anything anyway. So a few weeks pass and Karen texts me wanting to get together in the next week for breakfast. I reply back that would be great but I’m not a big morning person as I tend to have headaches 90% of the mornings I wake up.

Instead of replying Karen just ignored my messages. Part of me wants to say look bitch we all have busy lives. I’d prefer people to be honest instead of being fake or lying. Who knows maybe she really wants to get together but actions speak louder than words.

This brings me to another point that irritates me. I loathe events where people are friends enough to invite you to a money event. Or even if you are great friends. There is that expectation that you should spend $$ on crap you either don’t want or don’t need. I personally have a really bad opinion of those Direct Sales people anyway. Some maybe really great but others really suck. But I don’t think anyone as a consultant should make their friends feel required to buy from you.

I also don’t think that friends should constantly invite their friends to such events. Example. A friend of mine hates to cook. So many years ago I went to about 4+ of her Pampered Chef Parties because she wanted to have friends gather together yet not cook. It always seemed weird to me that she wanted to only get together outside of work at her Pampered Chef Parties. Also why are you having a party hoping people will spend yet you don’t like to cook? It was about the 3rd party I didn’t need anything else.

Years later a classmate of mine invited me to her Princess House party and I didn’t see anything I needed or wanted and because I didn’t place an order before the party she felt it appropriate to chew me out at the party and say it was disrespectful to come to her party without an order. She also chewed me out at how she spent all of this money for food and decorations for her Halloween Themed party. UGH seriously the consultant hadn’t even arrived or gone over her presentation yet. Girlfriend there was still time. However that episode turned me off from ordering.

I also got suckered into being a hostess for the Pampered Chef lady. Most of my friends and coworkers lived 45+ minutes away and I found out that my neighbor wanted to have a Pampered Chef Party so we decided to co-host. My neighbor knew most people I knew would not attend especially after the date got changed to a 3 day weekend where most people were out of town. However I had several catalog orders to turn in. About 2 hours before the party the consultant called me and said that since I don’t have people coming to the party that she felt I should no longer co-host the party and that I am no longer eligible for the hostess discount. I told her I had $500+ in catalog orders and that was crap. I did just as much work as my neighbor did. I had asked her if my neighbor was upset about this? She said NO. Upset about this I called a friend of mine and she was shocked how the consultant handled this and told me to cancel her order. I also called my friend who had used her for other parties and I asked her if she was good friends with the consultant. I was glad to hear no so I told her what had happened and she said I should cancel catalog orders. I finally got brave and asked my neighbor and she was shocked and appalled that the consultant did that. She felt that I had done the same amount of work for the party. My neighbor felt that because she needed to change the party date that that affected my turnout. My neighbor even said that she only had 4 friends coming 3 of them were wives of her husbands coworkers. The rest of her orders were from her relatives back in Ohio.

So I don’t like the strings that come from the direct sale parties with friends.

I will get over it and I know that Karen isn’t a friend but regardless it bothers me.


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