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It’s Been a While!

on January 13, 2016

Other than my most recent post, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. The last 1/2 of 2015 didn’t go exactly as planned and flew by. Somehow it just whizzed by, I swear summer had just started. How was it already the holidays and like that they were over? 

Hopefully things will be returning to a sense of normal for 2016 and I can get things in order. 😉

The house feels like it is a disaster of un-finished projects.

My kitchen pantry seems to always go from organized to useless unorganized dumping ground. I decided to go ahead and do what feels like an annual re-vamp and of course I don’t have everything I need to complete the project. After a traumatic experience at Walmart, I found what I needed at and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival. The good news it was way cheaper at staples and the nice 20% coupon and free shipping made it even more appealing. Instant gratification isn’t always worth it. Especially when the cashier rings you up for the wrong item over charges you multiple times and you get a hassle at the refund booth 5 minutes later and are told you need a store credit despite your less than 5 minute old receipt shows that you paid with a debit card. It’s not my fault the computer doesn’t work. That cluster made me return everything on the receipt and say screw it we’re moving onto another store. Patience will prevail and the project will get done!! Meanwhile my kitchen and pantry are a disaster while I await shipping. The good news I got an email on Saturday that it shipped and should go out today. 1.5 weeks earlier than expected 🙂

It is unfinished projects like this that make me feel unsettled!!


My goal this year is to get some of those projects done once and for all!

How about you? Do you have unfinished projects? What do you do about them? How do you keep track of them?


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