Travelling Through Life…making changes as I go

Reflecting on 2015

on January 11, 2016

As I sit here waiting for the repairman to come and take a peek at my stove and explain why 2 burners no longer are working, I feel as if time has come to a stop. I often hate the 4 hour window that they give you for a repairman to come since you feel that you can’t be too involved in a project as that is when they will come.

So as I entered hour 2.5 of waiting I started to reflect on 2015.

I set several goals some I met and some I didn’t meet. Lots of things happened that were not planned for and some were very stressful.

We all have busy lives and we all have priorities. We all make time for friends and those we care about. It was something I was once again reminded of again in 2015.

Some people will say they will help or get you information or lets get together and never follow through. For whatever reason it isn’t a priority. While others actually follow through. It’s interesting.

Example: Someone we know we haven’t seen in a couple of years, but when this individual was called upon earlier in the year in a time of need, no questions asked they were there for us. They said they would do something and amazingly followed through. This isn’t the first time that this individual has followed through.

Example: 4 years ago during an extremely stressful event in my life and I was having to deal with a unnamed bank on solving a problem in which they created, I accidentally found that this individual worked for the same bank. I was in the bank with a friend who was getting cash one lunch hour and I saw this individual at the teller window. I asked this individual if they know who could assist me with the problem and explained the problem and next thing I knew the managers were helping me where many managers had failed before. I was indebted to this individual for the assistance and how this persons words were able to make the managers listen and solve the problem. This person left the bank and I wasn’t really able to thank them in person. I was finally able to do that in person on 1/2/16 and it was great!!

This reflections has made me realize that one of the things that bothered me the most in 2015 was empty promises.

It was the empty promise of someone who would fix something that they had screwed up. Somehow instead it became my fault.

It was the person who really didn’t want my opinion that their boyfriend was a creeper and they were too desperate to be in a relationship to feel “loved” and get bootie call on a consistent basis to realize that the person is a creeper.

It is the people who say lets get together but obviously don’t mean it.

It’s the family members that are “there for you” but really aren’t. Because every wrong is your fault not someone else’s.

It’s the people whom rather blame others than take ownership of their issues. For example the crazy lady who was diagnosed as a unstable person but was told to do her job and would rather blame others for her ¬†inability to do her job.

2015 was a year in general where in society people wanted to blame others for issues and never take ownership. Amazing. So much entitlement and lack of responsibility these days.

Here’s to a positive 2016 for all and changes. Here is to getting over things that bothered us in 2015.


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