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Staying Organized with Lists and Notes

on February 9, 2015

I have always been one to write things down on paper. Quite often I would end up with 100 different pieces of notes on various scrap papers. This made things worse for me. It added clutter and confusion.

I tried different methods and eventually found a method that worked for me. Three years ago I bought a bunch of small and fancy looking spiral notebooks on clearance at Target. They were assorted sizes. But all small enough to handle and carry around easily. These notebooks have durable covers and metal coils.

I started to write everything down in the notebooks. Random things I needed to do, I had a special page for certain notes. For example I had a trip planned to Ikea which we were going to when out of town so as I would visit the website, I made my list  of items I wanted to look at and items I knew I wanted to get. Another example is if I order items online I will note it and mark it off when it comes in. This was especially helpful around the holidays when some items I had ordered were split into separate shipments for delivery.

When I have completed an item on my list in one form or another, I mark it off with a highlighter. This way I can still see the information if needed but won’t get confused as to what has and hasn’t been completed. I love seeing the sense of accomplishment and I love not having notes all over in random places and on small pieces of scrap paper.

This method has worked for me for several years now and being organized is great.

How do you stay organized with your notes/lists? I would love to hear.


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