Travelling Through Life…making changes as I go


on December 29, 2014

As I spend time looking back on 2014 and how it seemed to fly by so fast. Especially the time after summer.

I have also looked at my accomplishments, failures, project list and think about planning my 2015. It seems for weeks my fingers have been ready for 2015 when I log my expenses in my tracker I kept typing 2015. In the last week I am suddenly back at typing 2014. Weird my subconscious is ready to move forward but I’m not ready to let go.

In 2013 I wrote a list of projects I wanted to complete. These were not necessarily goals but tangible tasks. I was looking for something else recently that had been written in that notebook and came across my list. I’d say it was about 50% completed. I remember it felt good crossing items off the list once they were completed. For some reason I didn’t do a list like it in 2014 and I  wanted to do that again. There were still several projects on that list that were not completed. An example, for Christmas in 2013 I gave my husband a fleece blanket….sort of. I never completed the cutting and tying off part but the 2 pieces of fabric were given to him. A few weeks ago my husband decided he wanted the blanket. So we worked together and completed the blanket. He is now happy to have it while watching TV and I am happy to have marked it off the list from 2013. It was this project that inspired me to work on my 2015 goal list.

I see people in groups I am in on Facebook write how they want to lose weight or lose 35lbs but what I’m not seeing and not sure if they realize, these need to be broken down into successful steps. to reach that overall goal. To broad of a goal/resolution  is often what leads to failure. I’ve learned the hard way. One of my goals for 2015 is to plan healthy menus and part of that plan is to look through some specific cookbooks and pick some recipes. As a Christmas present from my husband is to look through the same cookbooks and find recipes that appeal to him so he will also have meals that he too will enjoy.

Once I feel my list is completed, I will see if there are items that can be broken down smaller.

How do you approach your goals/resolutions? Do you feel that you sometimes break them into overwhelming tasks because they haven’t been broken down?  I’d love to hear.


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