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Mini Album – Gift for a Decade of Delight

on April 24, 2014

Last April my nephews turned 10.

I wanted to do something fun that sort of covered the last 10 years of their life and changes mainly comparing their birth year to their 10th birthday year.

I went to Walmart and purchased a small album that holds about 20 4×6 photos for under $2.00. I googled information I wanted to put into the album such as the cost of gas in 2003 versus 2013. My husband took the information and added clip art to make it fun. I got photos ordered to insert into the album.

Sadly, I was not really thinking about blogging these when I packed it up to ship out and I didn’t make a copy for me since I had everything electronically so the photos are not of the best quality. Looking at them I regret not paying more attention as to how bad they were.


This is the front cover of the album:



The first page of the album I did a story remembering the day we were at the hospital when they were born. The advantage of a c-section

Below are the last pictures that the house before they were born. We also have a list of popular baby names in 2003 and 2013

IMG_2595 IMG_2596


Other comparisons made were presidents, movies, tv shows, their room how it was set up before they came home from the hospital and how it is now.



Mini albums can be fun and used for so many different reasons/occasions. This is one example of one that is fast and easy to make as a gift. There is little effort on the pages. I added text to some of the photos using ribbet which allowed for some journaling in addition to the comparison cards.

My in-laws and nephews called after they received the gift and said it was fun to look back at.

Enjoy and remember to share your photos and mini albums are a great way to do so.


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