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Mini Album Memory

on April 2, 2014

Before scrapbooking became all the rage in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, I was scrapbooking in my own way. I did things differently depending on the event, mood and supplies available.

Right now mini albums are popular. Mini albums are a great way to focus on a specific event or memory. These are also great to share with others if they were a part of the memory or event.

Back in 1995 I made a mini album for a friend and I also kept a copy for myself of exactly what I had shared.

This particular mini album was going to a guy friend who I hung out and partied with when I was in town for an event. Because it was a friend of mine, I chose not to go frilly with stickers.

My mini album probably isn’t acid free, but it was a great way to collect memories from our time together and share them with him. It was a simple design using paper, labels and glue with my photos and have them bound together.


This is the front of my mini album I made for my friend:




I kept it simple by typing up the journaling and having it on the left and the photo on the right:


IMG_0181 IMG_0180


Look at my friends fridge. He was a total bachelor who had briefly dated another friend of mine who could cringe at the fridge! LOL

IMG_0175 IMG_0176


What I didn’t picture is the first page of the book which was a letter to my friend who I had sent the letter to.  I had thanked him for the fun times that weekend and talked about how he has been a great guy friend without the pressures of dating each other, and other things that can complicate a relationship/friendship.

It is simple but fun to look back at and think about the fun times. It was easy to make and small enough to mail out to my friend once I got back home.

Quite often we make scrapbooking our photos and memories more complicated than they need to be, but it is nice to have a finished project.
Remember it doesn’t have to be complicated to be enjoyed. Get the memories down before you forget them.


Have a great one. Thanks for visiting my #TBT



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