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on March 5, 2014

Ice Cream!!

I grew up on Blue Bell ice cream. There was the gold rim, silver rim and the coveted brown rim. Most often I had the gold rim Homemade Vanilla. It was served whenever I was at Grandmas house for birthdays or holidays. It would be served with cake or her homemade peach cobbler.

A few weeks ago, I went to Walmart and almost stopped in my tracks to stare at the sign they had by the front entrance that said Blue Bell Ice Cream coming the week of March 3rd. Well today I went to Walmart and Yippee Blue Bell was in the house!! There I was walking into the store and found the sign saying we now have Blue Bell Ice Cream just where I saw the coming soon sign. I walked to the ice cream aisle and it wasn’t there.  I figured it MUST be on an endcap. Yes there it was several shelves of half-gallon ice cream.

What to buy. I could not decide. They had several Gold Rim and small sampling of Brown Rim (their premium flavors)

Homemade Vanilla was a given to get, but a flavor? Hmm. Last time I was in Texas I had bars of Chocolate covered Mint Chocolate. YUM. I could not decide. I almost got the Rocky Mountain Road and decided to get the Gold Rim Dutch Chocolate. It was YUMMY. I am sure I will have to have another bowl before the end of the day!

I think later this week I will have to get the Rocky Mountain Road as it is a limited edition Brown Rim.

What a great Mardi Gras present for me!! Taste of Texas

THANK YOU Blue Bell!!

Sadly this probably wont help my waist line but who cares a bit of delicious will be in my house


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