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Mean Girls

on March 1, 2014

Why must people be so mean?

I’ve never really understood why people must be so rude and mean to others. I’ve read many quotes that it would be so much easier if we were to build others up instead of tearing others down. I think we would all be a bit happier if we knew others were supportive and nice instead of being rude and mean. These mean girls can be anyone we encounter including friends, coworkers, family members and strangers. Regardless of how well we know this person it still hurts!

There are several reasons people may feel it is acceptable to do this to another, but quite often it is not acceptable especially in an open forum. It constantly amazes me how people are so rude to others.

When in a public forum such as Facebook, twitter the anonymity seems to allow others to find it acceptable to be rude and hurtful to others. I’ve seen it happen to others as well as having experienced it. I often don’t discuss things in groups anymore because of the mean girls or moderators that are inconsistent or act as if they are queen b and can do anything when it affects them but if it doesn’t they will be the first to jump and judge others.

I find it interesting that this one group I am in that I have almost never discussed anything in the members seem to be more supportive than in groups where you swear people would be less critical such as a crafting group. I think this is why it amazes me so. For some reason I don’t expect fellow scrapbookers who share my hobby or people who have an interest in the same planner that I have be so rude when calling out someone because they feel that someone else has done something wrong. It’s even more hurtful to that person when they are picked out individually by name in such a public forum that they have even more people drawing attention to them, which adds insult to injury. Than of course everyone needs to add their two cents including saying that someone was taking the rude comment too personally. Really you try being the victim of a nasty or rude comment and see how you feel.

An example I can give is I had placed an order through a company I had commented that a simple order was wrong because the item should have been simple. I purchased return address labels. I should have received the quantity they advertised. After weeks of waiting, the order finally arrives with an inconsistent amount of return address labels. I had ordered 2 packs 1 for me and 1 for a gift. They were to both arrive with the same quantity yet each order had different quantities. I had asked in the Facebook group as well as the companies Facebook group if anyone else had this issue and I felt as if I was ripped a new one by even asking this question. I kept quiet, but was appalled at some of the rude and snide comments for asking if anyone else had been shorted. I had made a couple comments on the company’s Facebook page and someone on there proceeded to go to the Facebook group complain how I had the nerve to bring this up and make comments. Yet I am sure if the person actually thought for a moment, they might realize that this was a reasonable question for me to ask.

Often people don’t seem to think before they speak these days and sometimes it just plain sucks! So my moral of the story is please think before you speak. Put yourself in the other persons shoes and see how you would feel if you were the receiver of your snide comment instead of the sender. As these days it just bothers me to see people to get treated like crap or ripped down in what is susposto be a fun place to go share ideas.



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