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Hobbies and Clutter

on January 18, 2014

For any of us who have hobbies that require supplies they also tend to bring clutter.

A friend of mine  said she has no hobbies because she’s not artsy/creative and crafty. In talking we realized that she doesn’t always have an outlet other than going to the park and walking around. She said that she sometimes wishes she has an outlet but thinks analytically so anything creative is out she said. I on the other hand am creative and like to make things but often feel drained to have the creative flow come and make these projects that I have in my head. There are times when it seems there is never enough time to do a project from start to finish because of every day life commitments.

In talking we both agreed that hobbies often bring clutter. So than that clutter can become overwhelming especially as the product gets unorganized, messy, unused and spread out. One of my hobbies is scrapbooking and I can say that it needs plenty of supplies compared to a hobby such as knitting. It is my goal to continue to rein in the clutter and to use the product or eliminate the product to help rein in the clutter.

Do you feel that your hobby also brings in clutter? If so how do you tame and control your hobby clutter?


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